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SIRA Approved CCTV Company in Dubai

Skodtec Technology is one of the trusted SIRA approved CCTV company in Dubai, UAE. We offer you a diversity of Sira approved CCTV security products. For example, CCTV systems, HD analog camera, IP network camera, Doom camera systems and all CCTV latest technology systems. contact us if you are looking for SIRA certified cctv consultants or SIRA Approved companies in dubai.

Some of the main and most significant benefits of home , office and business surveillance camera systems. We can monitor from anywhere using mobile phones or PC.

One of the Best SIRA Approved CCTV Company in Dubai

If you are considering a Surveillance camera, Skodtec can send an experienced engineer to your homes or businesses. They will evaluate the best way to protect your property. We will not send salesmen to talk to you about work. We will send you our sira approved engineers. So, they will look at your job from SIRA perspective as a professional CCTV installer. Once we’ve seen what you need, we’ll give you our most competitive quote as per SIRA rules and regulations. Then, we’ll find a time that suits you for the same engineer to do the job. then we will take care your cctv maintenance.

We employ our own team of professional CCTV installers

Our SIRA approved professional engineer installs simple-to-use residence and company CCTV systems with high-quality components that produce HD and 4 K CCTV video recording and streaming. Everything remotely accessible on today ‘s common smart devices.

We employ our own team of professional CCTV installers who comply with the highest installation standards in accordance with the standards and guidelines that we have developed through our 10-year experience in the CCTV industry.

For property owners and businesses in dubai looking for surveillance cameras to fit both your individual needs and your budget, we are the CCTV installer that offers a personalized solution to meet your needs.

HD Analog Camera

Analog CCTV users can now enjoy HD 1080p resolution with WDR while safeguarding their investment in existing cabling infrastructure.

IP Network Camera

IP cameras replace the analog camera.HD 1080p resolution with WDR technology. A single network cable is enough for power & signal transmission.

Speed Doom Camera

PTZ camera is a speed dome camera that is capable of remote directional & zoom control & 360° pan, 0° to 90° tilt view. perfect camera for 360° view

Latest Technology

Color Vu Camera Fight against the dark, Acusense Technology Face Recognition, ANPR and thermal cameras with CCTV Monitoring.

importance of cctv cameras

Security cameras is a very useful tool for fight against crime. Not only is CCTV a great visual deterrent. This video can also be use to provide evidence of antisocial behavior people, robbery, vandalism and burglary. It will helps to saving you thousands in the long run. Also, Its is must do with sira approved companies in dubai.

View remote areas, including several areas at once
Safely monitor premises from one control room
Provide facts from the CCTV to the Police to ensure prosecution
CCTV helps to catch criminals



The number and size of cameras can depend upon the type of work, the type of building and the customer’s objective. Typically , a small domestic CCTV system would rely on between 1 and 4 cameras, while it would be very rare for a commercial system to consist of 16 or more. 

Cable Network

The cable network refers to the cable that is operated either by a camera cable or by a Cat6 or RG59 cable from each camera back to the central hub location. our sira approved engineers will find find best cables as per your requirement


The hub is a central place where all the cables run back to and link to some kind of storage unit, such as a DVR or NVR box, which holds your stored images for a given period of time. It may have included a fixed monitor for easy access to viewing.

sira approved companies

SIRA Approved CCTV company

When we come to install your customized surveillance cameras, we’ll start designing the layout of the system. Our engineers will find the best place to mount cameras as per the SIRA regulations. Then, they will try to minimize the cable length required. After, We then mount the cameras on the walls and other fixtures as planned. Finally, then connect the cameras to your DVR or NVR with our secure cables. We ‘re going to power up your system and make sure everything works perfectly before we leave. For that, you ‘re going to have the protection you need. Most of all, we’re going to work to ensure that everything falls within your budget. Please contact skodtec if you are looking for SIRA approved companies in Dubai.

Start your project now. 

We can assist you in developing a strategy that meets your needs and fits within your budget. therefore, we look forward to talking with you. Get a free quote now or ask us a question, it’s free, simple and fast. Of course, We will be happy to answer you.