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IP Telephony System

IP telephony means any telephone system which uses an internet connection to send & receive voice data. On the other hand, Regular phone are using landlines to transmit analog signals. But, IP phones are connected to the internet via a router & a modem. IP telephony systems using the IP (Internet Protocol) or other digital protocols to transmit voice communications through Internet. However, avaya telephony solutions & Cisco IP telephony solution are most commonly known IP PBX system providing by IP PBX companies in dubai. IP telephony solutions means telephony system that fits within the web-based telecommunications umbrella, including fax and other systems. Certainly, VoIP is now the most useful suggestion for IP telephony. VoIP telephony is going to take over the telecommunications technology industry.

ip telephony system in dubai

IP PBX System Benefits for Businesses

The advantages of IP telephony in professional situations are countless. But, are mostly limited to cost concerns related to infrastructure and monthly payments. IP telephony solutions also helps your business to access additional features without having to invest in extra devices. VoIP also makes it so much easier to implement voice calls with your CRM and other business tools. The capacity to centralize data & provide consistent customer support across different platforms (at a lower cost). It will makes IP and VoIP a no-brainer for many companies.

Cisco IP Telephony Solutions

Cisco is the worldwide leader in IP telephony solutions. Their IP telephony System solution are an integral part of Cisco Unified Communications. Moreover, It combines data, voice, video & mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks, making it easy for users to communicate in any working space using any platforms, device or application software. Cisco IP telephony solutions provide high security, reliable & extensible communications that take the benefits of your LAN and WAN. Enhance staff flexibility and profitability via implementation of innovative Cisco Unified Communications and third-party software.

Cisco IP Telephony Solutions
avaya telephony solutions

Avaya IP Telephony Solutions

Avaya works carefully with customer support, enabling operatives to switch between phone line, text messaging, chat, and other form of communication. Moreover, It provide more timely and cost-effective service. It’s IP-telephony enables employees to work from home, on the road or a business trip. Avaya IP PBX serves as the basis for a broad range of applications such as Self Service (IVR), Outbound dialing system (PDS) and Integrates with external databases (CRM). Avaya telephony solutions can endorse more IP devices with fewer load constraints and fewer calls to clustered databases.

Panasonic IP PBX System

IP telephones are easy to install and delivers the flexibility and reliability that are the hallmarks of Panasonic DECT technology, Panasonic IP telephones represents a sophisticated mobility solution. Panasonic IP telephones have a noise-reduction function which reduces surrounding noise and enhances the clarity of the conversation. So, panasonic’s IP Wireless DECT phone is remarkably easy to set up and to manage. DECT capability sets free from wire which can create communication environment. Meanwhile, It is entirely suited to the different places in which businesses operates, from the office out into the stock yard.


Skodtec’s IP telephone framework solution provider services use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) innovation for putting and leading phone calls. However, through our IP Telephony system services, companies can make their phone & PC systems work together to overcome the recently established gaps in the traditional telephone frameworks. Certainly, skodtec technology can help you install a cost-effective high-performance IP telephone framework which is appropriate for your organization.