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Attendance Punching Machine

An Attendance Punching Machine is a system to verify a person’s identity. Attendance machine is a systemto verify a person’s identity. Fingerprints, voice patterns, iris, face recognition and hand measurements are the characteristics to identify a person. That is why Skodtec tries to eliminate the possibility of fake punching or asking for fake overtimes. Therefore, Companies can now prevent loss of wages along with work productivity this can de done with the development of a fingerprint-based Biometric attendance system. Corporations and public and government institutions can also enjoy work hour tracking with this time attendance machine.

attendance punching machine

how does it work

Attendance Punching Machine lets you collect data from different sources. This Biometric attendance system automatically checks your employees’ time and attendance according to rules. For each employee this also measures total time, overtime, late arrival, early exit. Attendance punching system has separate fingerprint sensors. The finger punching attendance system operates in two separate ways. Firstly, it detects the image of the fingertips through the sensors. Secondly, it compares the image with fingerprint models previously enrolled in. Several software applications for finger punching attendance machines are available in the industry. Your time and attendance program will be able to manage all the time-tracking needs. There are so many time and attendance solutions on the market, whatever your company needs in terms of time tracking. This time attendance machine allows remote employees to punch in and out wherever they are.

Importance of Attendance Punching Machine.

To have attendance punching machine is of great importance. The greatest advantage is to be sure you don’t bill workers for the time they aren’t employed. An automated time attendance machine provides detailed information. Although charging might not seem like much for some extra minutes, it all adds up with time.

Having a biometric punching machine that allows fingerprint or retinal scanning of workers often avoids fake punching. It ensures that all employees are in themselves, and does not make anyone else do it for them. If not solved, buddy punching will cost your business not only in terms of money. The Attendance Punching Machine won’t confuse workers in the least bit, no matter how basic a previous system was. All they need to do is scan their fingerprint on the office computer, and enter it with their name and other details into the system.

It will take all of a 30 minute staff meeting to explain the new program and show them how it functions. It should also be noted that the system is stable, and that personal data can not be compromised.

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We will provide you with the best tools to record the right time in and out of your employees. We have the unit which is based on the attendance finger. Get the biometric time and attendance programme to your Institute now. These are built specifically to meet your needs. Get employee attendance punching machine.

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